University of Milano @ Crema - Computer Science and IT Sec

LD. IT and Networks Infrastructure Security

Galileo Ferrais - Technical Institute

2013 - 2017
DT. IT and Telecommunications


Code Lenguages

Python, C++, Javascript, PHP
Java, Swift, Objective-C

Code Tools

InelliJ, Visual Studio Code
Xcode, AndroidStudio
Firebase, Parse, LeanCloud, Strip, NodeJS, AngularJS
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Cent OS


"E-Enigma Machine" An elctronic simulator of enigma machine

"Gsm Spoofing" A Man in the middle sistem for GSM and WCDMA prot.

Conferences and Seminars

IBC - Amsterdam - 2017
Bitcoin Mining - Milano - 2017
Big Data & Deep Learnig - Napoli - 2017
BigHack - Napoli - 2017
HPE - Napoli - 2017
Sophos - Napoli - 2017
Zero Robotics - Bruxelles - 2016


Comunication Manager

Networking Manager @ Teleclubitalia
2015 - present
  • Network traffic control and analysis, intrusion prevention Radio communication systems, streaming systems, Customized CMS and Packet Loss Recovery Techniques.
  • Startupper

    3D watertight supports @ Hub Spa
    2016 - 2016
  • Designing printers for creating Prints with water-soluble supports easily removable.

  • Publication

    Privacy Magazine

  • Magazine madeup for the state exam with various topics Such as gsm sniffing, Gpu Bruteforcing, Statistics. If you want you can find it here